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Soft Code Gel

Soft Code Gel

The acid-free Soft Code Gel products of alessandro International are the intelligent solution for individual, type-specific nail sculpting. They are not only acid-free but drip-resistant, and so do not run into the nail rims while the basic nail sculpture is being laid down. As well, they ensure a comfortable fit and are extremely resilient. Through an advanced production process, Soft Code Gel is cheaper to make than traditional Soft Gel. Additional components guarantee colour stability and prevent nail yellowing. Code Soft Gel comes in three viscosities, matching the different properties of natural nails.



  • Acid-free
  • Colour-stable without yellowing
  • Easy and pleasant to work with
  • Adapts flexibly to the different nail types, ensuring maximum comfort
  • Highly durable with a low input
  • Self-smoothing of the gel during the sculpt- ing with no flowing up against the nail rims
  • Drip-proof, despite the self-smoothing effect
  • High surface tension ensures stable sculpting without intermediate curing
  • Gel system with variable sculpting capabilities
  • Nail sculpting suited to nail type
  • Hard-wearing
  • Very comfortable
  • Colour-stable
  • No yellowing
  • Refill, tip and template kit

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